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Best Exercises for Mass


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Try These 8 Exercises
To Pack On Muscle

If you are like most bodybuilders, you are looking for the most efficient way to maximize your gym time. That means adopting a training program with exercises that specifically target the major muscle groups and increase lean mass fast. With that in mind, we have selected eight exercises to pack on muscle and each one targets a different body part, except for the deadlift, which increases overall mass.

The exercise we chose for arms is the only one on our list that is not compound. Compound exercises work multiple joints and affect muscle groups. This means you can handle more weight. The majority of your mass building workout should include 3 to 4 sets and rep counts between 8 and 12. We suggest scheduling these exercises first in your workout sessions. This allows you tackle these moves when you are at your freshest and able to lift the maximum amount of weight.

Deadlift for Overall Mass

With the exception of squats, the deadlift challenges more muscles than any other exercise. The keys to executing this move properly are making sure the bar stays in contact with the legs and the arms remain straight throughout. Sprinkling some baby powder on your legs will assist the bar in gliding smoothly. Squeeze the back, glutes and legs and lean back a bit when you reach the top of the move.

Bent-Over Barbell Row for Middle Traps, Rhomboids and Upper Lats

The secret to the perfect bent-over row is keeping the torso slightly above parallel. Moving the torso during reps put your lower back at risk of injury and decreases tension on the back muscles, defeating the purpose of the move. Bent-over rows produce the best results when you use pulling straps. You lose the opportunity to build mass if you let your pride get the better of you on this point. Make sure your upper body remains fixed and your knees are bent. To add intensity, complete your reps and remove up to 25% of the total weight. Do more reps until you fail. Remove more weight and do more reps until you fail again.

Romanian Deadlift for Hamstrings and Gluts

This is another move where straps can enhance your results. The difference between this move and a stiff-legged deadlift is during a Romanian deadlift you keep the back straight and the knees bent. The rest-pause technique provides the best bang for your buck with this move. You can rest your entire body by sitting on the bench between sets and you can keep your hands on the bar while the bar is resting on the bench.

Flat Bench Press for Pecs

Dumbbell presses ensure that each pec handles the weight without assistance from the other one. Instead of allowing the dumbbells to contact each other at the top range of the press, try squeezing the pecs instead to maintain tension on the muscles. Try pressing straight up to keep constant tension. Avoiding bringing the dumbbells together over the face until you start to fatigue and you need a short recovery period.

Standing Barbell Curl for Biceps

Barbell curls can add mass to the biceps without using a lot of weight. It is more important to maintain good form, so choose a weight that allows you to do that. To get the most out of this move keep your elbows at your side and alternate between a standard, wide and narrow grip. This will work out every portion of the biceps.

Overhead Dumbbell Extension for Triceps

Overhead extensions are excellent for beefing up the long head of each arm as long as you concentrate on keeping the elbows pointing forward. This position is also safer for your shoulder and elbow joints. If you can handle getting into the start position, use the two-handed technique for better results.

Overhead Dumbbell Press for Shoulders

Overhead presses with dumbbells allow for greater range of motion than overhead presses with a barbell. Your head remains clear of the bars, so you can move your arms more to the sides to work out the middle delts. Other advantages include involving the traps since you can reach higher and allow the deltoids to complete a longer range of motion.

Front Squat for Quads

The front squat is a compound exercise that involves the glutes and hamstrings, but the real emphasis is on the quadriceps. Your center of gravity shifts when you hold the bar in front of your body. It is crucial to warm up before attempting front squats because you can risk blowing out a knee if you fail to do so. Using partial reps is the most effective technique for front squats. Set the safety bars on a power rack to a height where your quads are parallel to the ground. Raise the safety bars and increase weight when you fail.


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