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Diet is an important factor to build up muscles as well. Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion and chaos. To build up muscles you have to take in fewer calories than you use. If you consume less calories, you may have a only a very small muscle increase, perhaps even a loss of muscle.

Of course – you could take vast amounts of calories to be sure to build up muscle mass optimally. Unfortunately each surplus of calories is transformed into fat.

One pound of bodyfat contains 3500 calories. If you take 1100 calories more a day than your body would need, you will have a fat increase of 2lbs per week.
If you do this over a longer period, you can’t see your muscles anymore because of the big layer of fat on top of them.

The calories you need are easy to calculate. There are recommendations by the German diet institute by which you can easily calculate your exact needs of calories.

However, there is some confusion about it, that’s why I want to introduce my own formula: it calculates the basic need of an average adult.

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