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The reason why I wrote this book

Muscle Building Book


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Dear Friend,

The reason why I wrote this book was that I want to help you building up muscle mass fast. But I am going further than giving you a few simple workout plans that put on some mass. I Will deliver you some inside Information in this book to let you understand the Cohesions.

I released this muscle building book a while ago in German language and this is the second edition. With this book and the related training plans I produced some really outstanding results. Some people gained up to 24 pounds of muscle mass in 6 short weeks.

And you might be the next success story.

In the following I will primarily look at bodybuilding. Maybe you’ll ask yourself: “Why bodybuilding? I do Fitness, just want to have a good shape. Not gigantic muscle masses.”

It’s quite simple – Fitness Sports arose from Bodybuilding. Bodybuilding always was an ‘exotic’ kind of sport. Movies heroes like Schwarzenegger or Stallone made it popular.

The Fitness Sports developed from this. Fitness mostly is a popular sport and more useful for marketing and so on. More useful than bodybuilding. But real: every fitness athlete is a bodybuilder, too. The one and only difference are the goals. Bodybuilders want to have a body as big as possible and extremely low body-fat levels.

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