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The reason why I wrote this book

How To Build
Muscle Mass Fast


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Fitness athletes generally want to have a good trained body with some muscles to be healthy and to look good. The basics are the same. The difference is: how far do you want to go? This is your decision.

Today there is much confusion about bodybuilding: how do you have to train to get optimal muscle development?

How to build muscle mass fast

Besides innumerable techniques of intensity, two opposite training philosophies developed. The so-called “volume training” and HIT.

If you don’t know these two training philosophies – don’t be afraid – I will explain them to you at a later point in this book.

Partly the advocates of both fractions are very stubborn in their opinion. Unfortunately, because of this a lot of knowledge is lost in the discussion. Both systems can be learned from, instead of “dissing” the other.

The disciples of HIT training criticise volume training because of the unsatisfactory scientific background and the bad long-term effectiveness.

The disciples of volume criticise HIT training because it’s no fun. They also plead HIT can not be the only correct training system because they have had good successes with volume training, too. In addition a lot of professional bodybuilders do volume training.

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