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Volume training

Muscle Building
Volume Training


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The word "volume training" didn’t always exist. It was created by HIT disciples to separate their training style from others.

Volume training is the original bodybuilding’s training system.

Volume training assumes you have to train one muscle for as many repetitions until it is totally exhausted, to get muscle increase.

The "pump effect" is the indicator for a good training. The more the muscle is pumped up, the more effective your training was.

That's why innumerable techniques of intensity were invented to strengthen this theory.

In volume training you try to reach a maximum adaptation through muscle training as often as possible.

The individual recommendations aren’t very clear here. Some coaches recommend up to 3 training units a day – seven days a week.

Others say this is too much, they call it “Over-training”.
When you are over-trained, your muscle cannot adapt anymore. If you go too far the muscle might even shrink.

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