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HIT background

HIT = High Intensity Training.
The basic idea comes from Arthur Jones, the inventor of nautilus machines (the world’s first training machines).
The HIT idea was coincidental.

He developed HIT further and started some interesting experiments when he had the financial background.
In the beginning of the 70’s professional bodybuilders like Mike Mentzer or Casey Viator where coached by Arthur Jones.

Jones brought some athletes to an unbelievable shape in the shortest time. The specialist publications was something else; the results led back to other facts.

After selling the nautilus company Arthur Jones seemed to have no more interest in bodybuilding. Almost no one talked about HIT anymore.

The only one who continued was Mike Mentzer. He represented the thesis, one set is enough for every exercise.

HIT woke up again at the beginning of the 90’s with the rise of Dorian Yates.
Immediately, Yates reached second place at the Mr. Olympia contest, in the following year he became Mr. Olympia.

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