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HIT background

Yates had unbelievable mass, it looked like he wanted to sweep every other athlete from the stage.

Of course, everybody was curious what his training was like. Big surprise – “only” four days a week, 45 minutes per workout with the HIT system.

For a lot of his competitors this was a shock. Most of them trained many hours a day.
Because of Yates’ successes, Mike Mentzer was interesting for the publishing industry again.
They started to publish articles about Yates and Mentzer.
However, big questions had popped up about Yates’ success.
Mentzer published a lot of articles and two books based on his heavy duty system which arose from HIT.

The HIT wave came slowly. For a lot of people Mentzer’s books were the single source and the books were full of philosophy and didn’t contain of much workout plans.
So some didn’t understand the important details – tried HIT by simply using the plans – failed and gave up.

But it couldn’t be stopped anymore. More and more authors wrote new books about HIT, it grew and became more and more famous.

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