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HIT or volume – which is the right one?

You could fill books with these quarrels and their corresponding arguments.
I just want to proceed with the following .
• At this time HIT is reborn: it’s a new hype. You can see one or more articles about it in any fitness or bodybuilding magazines.
• Some times it’s not named HIT, but if a training plan contains of three or less short workouts per week, it is HIT.
• There are no doped athletes who have greater successes with HIT than with classical volume training.
What is correct with HIT, is that one short and intensive contraction is enough to stimulate muscle growth. Further the resting aspect is very important. A muscle only grows in the resting phase, never while training.
In volume training the relaxation factor is the limiting element: you start training too soon, so that the muscle cannot get enough rest to grow. The progress of growth will diminish at first and eventually in the long term stagnate.
This is the reason why HIT was the hot tip for people who stagnated after years of volume training.

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