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Looking for the truth

To find the truth you have to look at some successes without prejudice.

Very extra ordinary experiences and observations are important here.

I will tell a little story.
It’s about a friend of mine who accompanied me to training for years, but we didn’t do the complete training plan together. I’ll call him Stephan.

Stephan started bodybuilding a few years ago. He decided to build up the same muscles as Schwarzenegger, as he was a big fan of his movies.

In the beginning he was a really thin guy. He never did a lot of sports, and on top of that he was very tall and lean.
He wasn’t very self-disciplined, nor did he follow a sensible diet. His basic training points were his arms, chest and shoulders.

He started training his chest muscles and arms with great dedication, but the most important thing for him was the “pump effect”. He loved it when his chest muscles and arms were filled with blood.

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