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Looking for the truth

He trained these muscle groups endlessly for innumerable sets. Training back and legs was annoying: therefore they were only trained occasionally.

Real effort was horrible: he never wanted to workout with me because it was to much hard work. He began eating a lot and get a little punch.

No one expected he would develop gigantic chest muscles and impressive arms with his time and persistence. But the opposite was the truth: He build up some really huge chest muscles and two 17,7 inch. arms.

But – of course – he had conspicuous thin legs, he could compete with every top-model.
But his chest was unbeatable, even some of the hardcore steroid users in this gym didn’t have such a chest.

His 17.7 inch. arms blasted out of his shirt, but his thighs were under 21.6 inch.

Interesting: he never developed strength. It was too exhausting for him to reach his maximum. But he loved the pump effect.

I can assure you he never used steroids. We were very close friends, and he always consulted me in these kind of decisions. On top of that he was too afraid of these kind of experiments.

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