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The conversion into volume and HIT

Neither HIT nor volume are specified enough to trigger a maximum fatigue. I will now discuss both techniques one after the other:

Volume training

Here you try to tire the separate muscle fibres with permanent recurring sets. You can do it time and time again because your muscle fibres can relax in every break you do, before all of the type 2 fibres, become totally exhausted.

Because of the exhaustion of more and more muscle fibres, lactation occurs along with the pump effect.
This pump effect however has little to do with the effects of your training. In fact it’s interesting: the more muscle fibres you use, the bigger your pump effect. I’ll tell something more about this in the following chapter.

I want to remind you of the Stephan example. Stephan reached a gigantic chest and very good arms with endless sets. His aim was the pump effect. Unconsciously he tried to tire as much muscle fibres as possible in each training unit.

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