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Application of the super-compensation model

To apply this model seems to be much more complicated as it is. When choosing the optimal time to do the next training, you simply use the trial-and-error method.

One of the basic things you need is a training plan: without a scheme, notes and diary you can’t keep track of your progress.

At first you have to relax your body for a day. At the next training you will see if your performance ability became better.
To make this decision in bodybuilding is very easy: just watch your reps and weights.
If both factors increase, your body is in the super- compensation phase.
On the other hand, if the performance stagnates, even diminishes, the relaxation phase isn’t complete.

Before you do your next training unit you take two days off. Then check your training again. If there is an increase, you nevertheless take three days off before you do your next training. This is important to check if the super-compensation phase maybe is complete yet.

You do this until your performance doesn’t increase a lot anymore. Afterwards you know exactly how many days of relaxation your body needs to adapt.

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