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Application of the super-compensation model

All these things sound very theoretical and I want to illustrate it with an example. I’ll use just one exercise, the bench press.
The repetition speed is standardized at 5 seconds.

Training day 1 (July 1st, 2000) – bench press – 4 * 240 lbs

1 relaxation day

Training day 2 (July 3rd, 2000) – bench press – 4* 240 lbs

2 relaxation days

Training day 3 (July 6th, 2000) – bench press – 5*240 lbs
(performance increase-one repetition)

3 relaxation days

Training day 4 (July 10th, 2000) – bench press – 7*240 lbs
(performance increase-three repetitions)

4 relaxation days

Training day 5 (July 15th, 2000) – bench press – 6*240 lbs (performance increase-one repetition)

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