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X-Adaptation – a breakthrough

Over the past chapters I already discussed super- compensation and diet. These are two cornerstones of each muscle increase program or at least-they should be!
Very often they are not taken into account or simply ignored.

Super compensation is more important here than diet. If you don’t eat optimally you will not reach a good muscle increase, but stagnate or even lose muscle. If you don’t take enough relaxation time it’s going to harm you. In most cases you’ll over-train and at best-stagnate.

What is it that makes X-Adaptation training special?
What makes it unusual is the simultaneous attention for maximum growth and optimal relaxation.
At this point X-Adaptation training is light-years ahead of conventional training methods

With X-Adaptation you activate as much muscle fibres as possible and simultaneously tire them out as well. The result is gigantic.

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