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How does it look like in practice?

This cannot be generalised!
There are different training phases.
But let me explain with an example.

At first you do a so-called initialisation set. In this initialisation set muscle fibres are loaded in a time period of 120 seconds.

At the end of this 120 seconds your muscles begin to burn inside. This burning results from an overload of your muscles. You are using new and up till now unused muscle fibres at that moment. Following the initialisation set is a maximum set which tires your muscles with maximum intensity.

The result is an enormous pump effect after. Everything an athletes has experienced ‘till now is nothing compared to this. This is merely the heaping up of lactate as described earlier, but it shows that a lot of fibres were used.

The whole training contains 6 sets maximum. Doing more than these 6 sets would delay the relaxation phase. Do not underestimate these 6 sets: they are really tough!

What is important however: this kind of training is fun.

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