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X-Adaptation training

So - let's get started...
Explanation: Part One of the X-Adaptation Training Plan
Each workout begins with a "setup set". Used as a warm-up set, it prepares your muscle fibers for maximum growth.
The "setup set" lasts 2 minutes. The motion during this "setup set" is nearly static - you're barely moving. The positive portion of the rep lasts 60 seconds. Once you reach the point of maximum contraction, the negative portion begins, lasting 60 seconds. You must always begin with the positive part of the motion. (On pushing movements like bench presses - the positive part is always the pushing part of the motion. On pulling movements like pulldowns - the positive part is always the pulling part of the motion). Make sure you use the appropriate weight for this setup set.
I recommend starting with 50% of your one rep maximum weight for this specific exercise. For example, if you are able to bench press 200 pounds once, the optimum weight for the "setup set" would be 100 pounds.
Dear Reader - don't get confused if you don't understand this the first time. Later on, I'll show you a sample workout that is easy to understand - so keep reading.

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