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X-Adaptation training

Immediately after the "setup set" you will perform a "maximum set". You should use a weight that you would "normally" use for 6-8 repetitions of the specific exercise.
Without resting, immediately start the "minimum set". The weight for the "minimum set" is the weight for the "maximum set" minus 30%. For example if you are using 100 pounds for the "maximum set" - you should use 70 pounds for the minimum set. During the last rep of the "minimum set" you should perform a "static contraction" - hold the weight at the fully contracted position for 15 seconds.

Training Plan: Part One
Seated Cable Rows (setup set)
Pull Downs (maximum set)
Pull Downs (minimum set)
Barbell Preacher Curls (maximum set)
Barbell Preacher Curls (minimum set)
5 minutes pause
Bench Press (setup set)
Pec Deck (aka Butterflies) (maximum set)
Pec Deck (minimum set)
Pulley Pushdowns (maximum set)
Pulley Pushdowns (minimum set)

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