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Training Introduction

Muscle Building Training


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During my 19 years personal experienced training story I had a lot of training partners. I also knew a lot of people and their muscle building training style.

Some people reach an excellent muscle increase, some not. Some do increase their body weight by 44 lbs – others only by 4 lbs.

Merely a question of their genetic potential?

No! Genetic factors surely play a leading role, but they are extremely overestimated. It became a simple excuse for coaches. Not everybody can become Mr. Olympia like Schwarzenegger once was, but everybody can build up an excellent muscular body.

Often people get the “hard-gainer” stamp – only because their muscle increase doesn’t explode immediately.

It’s no exception that people whose muscle increase is slower, are very ambitious because they finally want to grow as well. That’s because others say, people with slow gains totally exaggerate their training and that’s the problem. Often the muscle gains are greater after a reduction of the training volume.

If they train consequently according to HIT, they will primarily become better in strength performance.

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