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Training Introduction

Muscle Building System


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But they’ll never reach the muscle gains of genetic gifted people.

Primarily there is too little muscle mass. But which training concept can change this?

As I very much enjoy experimenting I tried different training systems. Sometimes it was like: the crazier the concept, the more probable I will try it!

Some muscle building systems work excellent for a certain time, others do not work at all. I had experience with phases of stagnation, also with extreme phases of growing. But – where is the key to keep this phase of growing? And – how can everybody reach it?

To explain this, I have to take a swing in the following chapters because knowledge is useless without a solid foundation
Only he who completely understands a concept is able to use it in a sensible way..

I promise you, you won’t regret it. If you understand the emergence of muscle increase, your muscle increase will explode.

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