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The reality at the gym

Muscle Building
and Genetics


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If you take a look around at a gym today this is the situation: there are only a few people who are very muscular. Some others are very skinny and have problems to build up muscles. All the others are in between these two categories.
Especially at the “hardcore” gyms there are a lot of people using steroids.

A lot of them want to become just like the gym’s “elite”, just as massive. Unfortunately that doesn’t really work, even if they use the same steroids. For this reason, they take more and more steroids but it doesn’t really help.

Once again a question of genetics? If you are talking about “genetics” in it’s classical meaning, it’s impossible. A lot of the more muscular men belong to the mesomorph body type, who should reach the best results. But they don’t reach the same results like the gym’s “elite”

The gym’s “elite” often cannot help in that case. They have been taking their steroids for a long time, and it simply worked for them. Through their personal training experience they have a lot of good tips. But these tips don’t work for the people who want to gain more muscle mass.

The key must be hidden in the training – but where?

There are a lot of sub-categories between the no-doping people.

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