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Basically you can make a distinction between people who have build up good muscle mass and people who would like to have this muscle mass.

Often those who have problems gaining muscle mass have a big collection of books and magazines. They hope to find the decisive tricks here.

But they won’t find any solutions here, the loads of information they will find inside the magazines might even scare them!

There are new published muscle building gym programs they partially try. Some work, some don’t. Occasionally their goals will be reached.

The additional tips to optimise their food or to test a new supplement – doesn’t really work. They take supplements that worked great for others, but they will only get a minor effect.

The search goes on, they read about two very opposite topics – HIT and volume.

Most magazines primarily publish “volume training”. But sooner or later they stumble over HIT Training which should be the solution for hardgainers. That’s why they try HIT. It looked simple, but turned out to be a rock-hard training.

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